Malaysia My Second Home

WHO CONTAINER APPLY FOR MALAYSIA MY SECOND RESIDENCE?The Malaysia my Second Residence program is open for all residents of nations identified by Malaysia. Since Malaysia is an example of a multi-cultural culture: individuals of all race, religious beliefs, gender or age can apply. Applicants are enabled to bring along their spouse and also children, as long as the childern are listed below 18 and are not married.HEALTH INSURANCECandidates to the Malaysia my Second House must have a valid medical insurance from any insurer in Malaysia.DEALT WITH INCOME OR TOOK CARE OF INTEREST-BEARING ACCOUNTConsidering that April 2006:* applicants under 50 require an interest-bearing account or repaired deposit of US$ 75,000 or RM300,000 in a bank in Malaysia* candidates over 50 need an interest-bearing account or dealt with down payment of US$ 40,000 or RM150,000.OR.they should reveal proof of a regular monthly earnings over US$ 2500 or RM10,000.Applicants positioning taken care of deposits in a savings account could take out part of the cash of the interest-bearing accounts after one year, but the cash has to be invest once again inside Malaysia:.* to acquire a vehicle in Malaysia,.* to purchase a house in Malaysia. Mesa Arizona houses * to get shares in Malaysia.Know: throughout your keep under the Malaysia My Second House Visa, you are not enabled to function anywhere in Malaysia unless authorized by the government.As long as your Malaysia My Secondly Residence Visa is valid, a minimum of US$ 15,000 or RM60,000 has to be in your interest-bearing account.

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